Day 15. Ages to Burgos

Not much to say today. Walked and walked and walked some more. Much of the terrain was on paths that had rocks of varying sizes so that one had to watch the route continuously, and place the feet carefully.

The result is that I’ve got a touch of shin splints, in case you are interested. The small toe blister does not bother me too much any more but I’m keeping an eye on it.

I entered Burgos in late afternoon. I took the “scenic” river route but found the directions confusing and the route long and tiring. (See my next post for detailed directions on the route.)


Had a cold drink at a cafe in Burgos and greeted 3 acquaintances as they passed. Wandered toward the cathedral and saw some more people from last night, who had so-so comments about the municipal albergue. So I took a hotel at €35, maybe for 2 nights (to be decided tomorrow).

After luxurious shower and usual clothes-washing, I went out for a wander and then some tapas for supper.

Then who should I encounter but the Canadian Clan! And the blistered English girl! They are finishing their second night here.

7 thoughts on “Day 15. Ages to Burgos

  1. We planned on taking the river route into Burgos but somehow completely missed it. However long and tiring you found it, I am pretty sure it was better than the route we took!

    • No trouble finding beds although some places have closed. (Thus I had to walk 28 km one day.) Plenty of people walking, although it must be nothing compared to the busiest months. I understand there were almost 100 people leaving SJPP daily around Oct 15. The weather has been superb but some rain is forecasted for Sunday.

  2. You’re doing great…If you haven’t already passed thru Hontanas and still have a chance, a nice albergue to stay at in Hontanas is Albergue santa Brigida. Two guys from Cuba work there as hosts/cooks and they are wonderful people!….The next town (albergue) you might want to consider is in Boadilla del Camino – Albergue En El Camino….it’s like a small oasis in a dreary town. The albergue has a nice garden, with sculptures and a swimming pool – might be too cold to swim right now, but you can soak your sore feet (and toes) in the water. When you get to Carrion de los Condes, look for the Albergue Espiriti Santo. It’s run by nuns and is a very ‘peaceful’ place to stay = no bunk beds, just regular beds. Helene

    • I am comfortable settled in Hornillos del Camino for tonight, at the very nice Albergue El Afar. I could have gone further (than the 20 km I did today) but another 10 km to the next town seemed a bit much, so I won’t be staying in Hontanas. However, I am thinking about staying over in Boadillo the day after tomorrow.

  3. We took the scenic walk along the river to get into Burgos – it was much more pleasant than going thru the city thru traffic and busy streets. You did the right thing by taking the path along the river……it does appear to go on forever, but it really gets nicer and nicer as you arrive close to the centre of Burgos, with the wide paths, lovely trees, sculptures. Helene

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