Beautiful spring day that I almost missed

I  am theoretically at home on vacation this week. It has been a busy few months with Mom’s dying and death, clearing out her belongings, selling the apartment, and bringing all the remaining things to our house. (The same house where a never-ending kitchen renovation continues!) Nevertheless I am feeling quite positive these days as I focus on improving my home, wrapping up my work for retirement, walking the Camino in Spain, and who-knows-what in the future. The who-knows-what might even include more regular blogging.

However, today I got caught up in work for the professional association I’m involved with and the day passed quickly at my computer. Shortly before 6 pm I realized that I HAD to get outside.

What a beautiful day I was missing! Out the front door (I can see the lawnmower needs to be found)…


At the top of the stairs down to the beach…


At the  bottom I looked along the beach, but for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER, I turned around and headed back up the 200 stairs just for fun.


I decide to officially start training for the Camino de Santiago de Compostela,thinking of the long staircase to Portomarin.

On the way up, I proceeded slowly and steadily (sort of), passed only by an overweight woman with her friend who was smoking a cigarette. Well, they were probably 40 years younger than I so that was OK. No I did not pass anyone. Anyway, back down again, I proceeded along the beach…


Turned inland and crossed the train tracks to Sandy Trail, to head uphill again. More stairs up,  but not so many this time…


So I came back down and went back up again.

Finally back on level ground, headed home. Only out for an hour so it doesn’t count for much but I’m pleased that I did the “repetitions.” Now let’s see if I can make this a habit!


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