Day 7. Guadix to La Peza (24 km)

I walked today with the 6 women – somewhat spread out but keeping an eye out for each other. The one in front took a wrong turn and disappeared near the end. However, thanks to tracks on, she found her way back and into WhatsApp contact. This region has red clay in abundance, and…

Day 6. “Rest”day in Gaudix

This is quite an interesting town. And I am certainly tired, but even more, I needed a change in pilgrim dynamics. By waiting a day I have become one of “6 chicas” – 6 English-speaking women from 5 countries who met on an internet forum about the camino, and started in Almería last week.

Day 5. Alquife to Guadix (21 km)

This was a very nice day of walking. Guadix is a touristic town with a lot of cave dwellings, including accommodation. However, i am staying in a beautiful 15th century palacete (don’t really know what that means but it is a lovely house in the town). Apparently it is built over Roman ruins.

Day 1. Rioja to Alboloduy (24 km)

I started off with @peregrina2000 and 2 others who walked a bit faster than my preferred rate. They also solved all the world’s problems animatedly while walking uphill. I needed to save my breath for oxygen! It was a hard day, being the first day with backpack and all, It was mostly up and down…

Off to a good start!

Last year I traveled quite a lot and managed to reach an Air Canada status that allows me into the airport lounges. (I did this the hard way by travelling entirely on the cheapest fare class, which accumulates points at 25% the rate of higher classes.) I am also eligible for flight upgrades, but the…